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The Difference Between Metrics & Analytics

A funny thought hit me as I sat down to work today. Almost every article I read in some of the journals and scanned though in my email account talked about small business yet they talked as if small business had all the elements of a large business. It was frightening to think on how they were trying to talk to small business. By that I mean the articles assumed that (even as a small business) I had a marketing director, a sales director, and IT director, a financial director, a purchasing…


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Multichannel Is Always Better

When in doubt, whenever possible go multichannel. When you can make it both high tech/low tech, do it. When the possibility exists put in on-line/off-line.


Now first I’m going to tell you if you can’t be at a minimum 85% effective in using a certain kind of marketing tool stay away of it, you are just wasting your money and more importantly your time. But then I am going to tell you if you are hitting the same marketing base with different kinds of marketing tools and…


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Implementing Marketing Integration

You want to do it, Integrated Marketing. It sounds like it is the right way to go about doing a good strategic synergistic marketing plan but what do I do?


You might want to start out by not getting lost in doing a Situation analysis, establishing Marketing objectives and putting together your Marketing budget. At this point you would most likely be pulling your analysis ideas, and money out of thin air like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But isn’t that what you…


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Saving Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Was Simon & Garfunkel’s song “A Hazy Shade Of Winter” a song made to describe Social Media Marketing?




Time, see what's become of me

While I looked around for my possibilities.


I was so hard to please.

Look around,

Leaves are brown,

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.


Hear the Salvation Army band.

Down by the riverside's

Bound to be a better ride

Than what you've got…


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20% of your customers are draining your profit by 80%

20% of your customers are eating up your profits by 80%. The old Pareto’s 80/20 rule does tend to hold true more often than not.  The bottom 20% of your customers or even prospects are the people who are costing you more money to service than what they spend with you. They might be killing your business.


Now let’s take that down to creating or buying a list of prospects. You don't want to just buy a list when 20% of the names will be automatically unprofitable. Think about…


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Social Word Of Mouth?

Think about it, WOM or Word Of Mouth advertising has been around forever. And what better medium and channel than to Social Media to harness WOM. It’s the ham and eggs of advertising. It doesn’t make any difference if your technical orientated, nitch specific, a shopping B2C or a Manufacturing B2B. You should be collecting the kind of followers that need and want and understand what you do and sell. You can be almost sure that in your collection of friends and followers there is at least 1…


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Why Are You Doing Social Media?

Why are you involved in Social Media & Social Media Marketing? To pass the time away or to promote and make money for your business? I’m here for the money. If I pick up a friend or two, wonderful but show me the money.


Social Media Marketing can produce spectacular results in more way than 1 but it needs to be carefully crafted and planned out sooner or later or it becomes a black hole of time and possibly money.


If you can develop a disciplined approach…


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Driving Your Social Strategy

Social Media has come. We know what Facebook is doing number wise, Likewise twitter, LinkedIn, MerchantCircle and others. Social Media is now established enough that it is considered an actual channel in marketing programs be it so all over the place so that is hard to get a real handle on it.


To establish your Social Media marketing and presence requires an execution of some tired and true practices to get you credibility and trust. This is your investment not so much…


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Twitter 140 Letters Of Power

Twitter, what good is it. 140 letters or do you say characters? At any rate that is not a lot of ability to get your point across, is it?


Say you need a very special kind to dooger for a piece of equipment and don’t know where to get it. Tweet it out there and let the power of micro social media do its work. From your friends and followers you will get places to buy it, order it or another approach you might not have even though of and find you don’t even need it. And this…


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What Could You Do With A Facebook Fan Page

Do you have a Facebook fan page? No? Why not? Stop right where you are and go make one. I am of course assuming that you are on Facebook.


How do you actually get people to like your page? I started with my friends (yes I have friends) who were or had a business related connection with me. Then I started posing my fan page in various places like social media sites and as a link of my email signature line, again all business oriented of course. If you are selling in the B2C…


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4 Steps To Better Relationships

As in the past not much has really changed. You never know where you will meet your next customer. It could be anywhere from the barber shop to standing in line to get a cup of coffee somewhere. How you choose to begin that relationship with this new contact and future customer does have an impact on how well you well and can stay connected with them. The world of social media opens up an ever increasing way for you to meet people. Rather than at the barber or the coffee shop it can now be…


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Is Your Social Media A Boost Or A Bust

Social Media is fun. Going out there doing all this marketing stuff. Getting your name out there. Collecting all sorts of friends and fans. Oh how we get all excited when we pick up someone new on our followers. So how many paying customers do you have or have gotten though your SM efforts?


Larson Social Media Score Card

Merchants Circle (1066 followers) – 3 customers gained

Linked-in (516 connections) – 2 customers gained

Facebook (129…


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Direct Mail Keeps Getting Better With Age

I’ve been kicking around advertising a long time. I have seen technology become obsolete with the new and better, although sometimes I wonder if new is really better. I have seen things start to happen faster, and site back up here in the ivory tower and wonder if faster is better.


Sometimes a walk to the coffee shop rather than driving can get my head working on overtime then a sip of a delightful cup of “Joe” then the walk back and I have more ideas than I can handle. I…


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Getting Better Prospects


Here we are in the information age where data rains down from the heavens filling our lives with more information that we would have ever dreamed of and I need to ask you, Do you have any idea what you’re doing? No really do you have a plan in place for 2011?


It’s not too late to get one going.


First sit down and outline your goals for the year. Ya all of them! Are you looking for more quality or more quantity? Are you looking for more prospects or more…


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Rules Of Mailing Engagement


 To get the most out of a direct mail campaign it only makes sense to manage it to produce a maximum response. Yes how many times in the mad rush to meet some real or imaginary deadline. When we do that to ourselves we only end up using limited resources and not having your front and back end set up to get the best in ROI possible.


So when reviewing the last few direct mail programs I have put together for clients I came up with a few rules to be a basic guide to get…


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The Road to Prosperity


You want the secret to increasing your sales in this wonderful economy? Be different than your competition. Challenge every idea you have ever heard. Be an innovator. Be audacious. Stand out from the crowd and be seen as well as heard!


Get your head on and launch that new business, create that new product or service that disrupts the competition. Just remember ideas are cheap. It’s the application of the ideas that is the hard part.

There are 3 primary things you…


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Why Not Use The Cheapest Printer


We are in a recession or are we. I guess right now it all depends on the person perspective of you. Your business and your micro economic outlook. No matter. The fact is that we are all trying to produce more with less of an advertising budget.


With that in mind it can be very tempting to just go out and buy your printing, anything from business cards to that new brochure to a hot little direct mail piece, from the printer with the lowest cost,…


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Trust In Ink On Paper


In all its technical savvy and the ability to push your message out at the press of a key, customers, prospects and consumers still seem to favor and trust the printed word.

If you have a few dollars to spend on advertising you might want to keep this in mind. People still prefer things that are printed more than not. So where and what kind of print advertising should you be doing? Some of that has to do with the kind of business you have and the product/service you are selling…


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5 Things About Direct Marketing

There are insider secrets in every industry or what I call the hidden flaw. Every industry has one or two hidden insider flaws that you only can grasp by being in the industry and doping or witnessing the problems attached to it.


The same is true about Direct Marketing. Now marketing is one of those things that “everyone” is an expert at. So people go out and market their businesses without any help at all. Sure you can do it, but like a friend of mine who I was trying to…


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Get Personal

Getting and keeping a personal marketing campaign is if nothing else the one key element that Social Media Marketing should have taught us over the course of the last year. Your customers and prospects want to be seen, noticed and appreciated for being their own unique self. Social Media allows us to do that in a very one on one way.


Can the same be true of the other forms of advertising and marketing?


If you know me and what I push it is and has been…


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