Meet Angie Sternberg - Featured Member July 2009

MEET ANGIE STERNBERG - Featured Member for July 2009

Company - The Diaper Baker
Title - Owner
TeamCircle Profile - The Diaper Baker

How do you describe your business?
I offer unique tiered diaper cakes and newborn specialty gifts including organic diaper cakes, diaper cupcakes, first birthday diaper cakes, big kid pull-up cakes, hangable diaper wreaths, baby gift baskets and more. I also offer wedding towel cakes for bridal showers as well as kichen towel cakes for housewarming gifts.

How did you come to be in your business?

This is actually a long, but very cute story. To sum it all up, when my daughter was expecting my very first grand daughter I had created a diaper cake for her. Everyone raved about the gift and elegant centerpiece that I had made and had suggested doing this as a profession. Even though the compliments were delightful, it wasn't until I had seen the joy that my gift had given my very own daughter that I knew this is what I wanted to do going forward. I can not express in words the feeling of, as a parent, seeing your child in a state of such complete joy and happiness. I wanted to bring that same joy to every expectant mother that I could and so, The Diaper Baker was born!

What are the three best things about doing the work that you do?

Creating a customized order - Surpassing the customer's expectations of that order - Helping make this miraculous event of parenthood even more memorable. I thoroughly enjoy bringing joy and smiles to the faces of others.

What has been your biggest frustration in creating your business?

That my imagination flows much faster than my hands allow. I have so many ideas and not enough time to fulfill them all.

How do you view the question of spending time working on your distinct from working in the business?

I believe to be completely successful you need to work in and on your business. If you excel in one but lack in the other, you will prevent yourself from meeting and exceeding your business goals.

What has been the biggest change that you've seen in your market since you've started your business?

Sadly, I've seen a change in uniqueness. Many of the businesses in my industry are electing to offer a style of diaper cake that they can mass reproduce, with the objective obviously being set on sales. I feel that each baby and mom-to-be are unique and special and that the gift they receive should be as well. That is why I vow that no two items are identical...just as no two people are.

Where do you see the trends for your line of business in the next 5 years, and what do you foresee as opportunities and threats?

Within the next five years I foresee the organic line being more popular. By purchasing an organic diaper cake, you are giving the gift of health to our planet and to our children. I don't forsee any threats as I have already incorporated organic diaper cakes into my product line for the environmentally-conscious moms-to-be.

Who has been your greatest role model, and what lessons have you learned from them that you've taken into the way you do business?

I can't narrow it down to just one. My greatest role models are my husband and my children. My husband has demonstrated leadership in the workplace, allowing him to be as successful as he now is. I have learned from him that no matter how much success you've achieved, there is always room for growth. You can ever be educated enough. From my two daughters, I have learned the lesson of youth. It is important to remain young and youthful at heart. They have taught me that everyone has an inner-child inside of them and through my creations I can allow mine to shine.

What is it that you believe, sets you and your business apart from others in your industry?

That's an easy one...uniqueness! I take great pride in guaranteeing that your baby shower gift is one-of-a-kind. I vow never to have duplicated items, allowing your gift to be 100% unique 100% of the time!

If there was one thing that customers believed about your business, what would you most like it to be?

That I am completely dedicated to not just meeting the customer's expectations, but surpassing it. I will do whatever deems necessary to ensure that my customer is completely satisfied. I want them to know that I value each and every one of them.

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